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Drunksouls - Dernière cigarette, the video

February 22, 2010 11:48 am

For those of you who still follow us, for those of you who were here from the beginning, and in particular for those of you who had heard this and read this one ..

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Tolerance Zoro 36th episode

October 9, 2009 2:44 pm

A tear for Fernanda

August 19, 2009 3:23 pm

He finished his earthly journey one of the most important figures in my cultural education, Wing Violence .

To be continued ... "

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August 11, 2009 4:57 pm

Just as the gang of the bay is preparing to launch the world IPREDator (I received l`invito .. beta program for the modest sum of 15 euro for 3 months), a Dutch company launches a counteroffensive very similar but completely free, ItsHidden .com .

To be continued ... "

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Early morning in Emmeryville

July 10, 2009 4:28 pm

The Jet-lag this time he made his "fucked up" duty. After 28 hours awake I went to bed only to wake up destroyed after just 6 hours of sleep.
Can not sleep more '.. here are 5 in the morning, but my inner clock tells me that it's 2 o'clock in the afternoon, apparently not the time to devote to sleep.
Fortunately the hotel has a fitness room already 'open a copy of USA-Today, a cup of 250ml of black coffee, and off for half an hour of "work out" as they say here.
Too bad that the pool opens only 10, but to be honest given the climate I do not think I would have taken advantage.
Time of the first "smoking break" obviously out of the hotel because here you can not '(rightly) to smoke in enclosed rooms. Indeed .. you can not 'smoke at a distance of 10 meters from an entrance door .. a bit manic thing, but basically that's okay.
Usually the first "butt" the smoke around 10 in the morning, but now the time and 'an abstract thing .. my body follows different cycles.
The time to get out and be with a man on 60In black accent I would say Alabama or at least some state in the south east.
Talk on climate .. but that fucking cold ago by ste parts in the morning?!?! He says he will go 'better in a few hours, but tonight will be' even more 'cold .. the ocean breath he says .. and I think the suitcase full of shorts and tank tops .. Andrea poor choice, bad choice.

I greet him, and he does the same. What a strange feeling. A 8000km and more 'at home, with a sense of lack' cause I miss my goal 'and my two angels, and yet .. and yet' enough to get off the plane, get in at the airport and feel "good."
I keep wondering 'cause after 9 years in France I can not feel at ease as French ACQUIRED, as I just an hour of States to feel completely "at home"?
Certainly the language .. I play a lot with 3 French colleagues, and 'funny to see them in this situation, the fish out of water. The discussion and 'going to end right there at dinner last night .. now I understand how I felt for so many years (oh my God .. I speak French 1000 times better than them do not speak english ..). Behind me are like children who follow the teacher, every waiter, every question I see their eyes looking for me for a bit of help .. no my dear :-) now I have to live .. then maybe you too will respect more 'efforts that I do every day.
Let's face it, I love France from deep within, and 'a wonderful country with unique cultural and social values ​​in which I relate totally. I can not say the same for the States, of culture and sociality 'here who do not agree with practically nothing.
But language matters, and matters a lot. And every time I find myself in an English speaking country, I realize, everything is 'more' easy-going for me. Never that I have to repeat myself, that I must never repeat.

I just looked out the window, what it 'the sky of california always seems so different from my home? Every time I look up I seem to see an episode of The Simpsons, with the pastel blue sky where the clouds seem figurines stuck. It is not 'just here, also in Nevada I had the same feeling.

Still a mash of cafes .. here the café .. Another negative point of France. I arrive in the United States, and expressed a wonder .. and 'good! And told by an Italian caffeinomane you can believe it. In France, 50 kilometers from the border with Italy, drink a decent café is a company practically impossible!

Last night we had dinner at an Italian restaurant, the first near the hotel. Delicious dinner for $ 64 in four! Polenta and shells with shrimp and asparagus. Every time I come here, and I go out to eat I never go disappointed. Even the Italian restaurants are always great, from pasta to pizza ('cause to eat a decent pizza in the French Riviera have to look for it with the lantern?!?!?).

The stream of consciousness dickensoniana memory must stop here, and 'time for a shower and talking with "home."
Then the real day begins, breakfast with eggs and pancakes (I'm dreaming of yesterday) and running in 'new' offices, hoping to find positive surprises.

I miss you sweet heart, I really do.

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Still delays, but sooner or later we will return-)

July 7, 2009 10:13 am

I just wanted to write a few words to inform me of the long absence from the microphones of the Nissardo¨, which unfortunately will continue for a few weeks.
In fact, after the attack of chickenpox to the whole family, the sleepless nights of the small house, the evenings spent to decide and plan the purchase of our new home, the Dell laptop that has left us to walk and still has not been adjusted by Dell support technician, comes a further delay due to my work.

The crisis is also felt in these parts, unfortunately, resulting in reorganization. In short Thursday morning I'll take a plane in the direction of San Francisco, CA I'll be in the States for a week, and I hope to tornarne with a state Mood better than that with which birth.

If you're still subscribed to the podcast, do not despair and let us have some more time .. you will see that we return (it is a promise, or a threat you do).

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Mac4Lin ver.1.0: a complete package for transform-linux in Mac OS X

June 15, 2009 6:03 pm

In the past I have already addressed The argument publishing guides on how to make a desktop based on KDE but VERY VERY similar to Mac OS X.
Certainly required to perform different operations and take care of the various aspects individually.

Today I propose instead a complete package: Phoenix: Mac4Lin ver.1.0 Released! .
Unfortunately it is only available for the GNOME desktop environment such as Ubuntu, for example, and does not run on KDE desktop, as Kubuntu.

The appearance more interesting is that this package will not only deals with changing the desktop and windows to resume the style of the apple, but also various external programs such as Firefox, Thunderbird, and Rhythmbox.

The result is quite good:

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Amazon MP3 finally available in France

10:37 am

An email warned me this morning that Amazon has finally opened its online music store for the French market. Since there is an Italian site, I think that all of you can use without problems the French (with some language problem maybe ...).
The prices are much better than the ones bought from iTunes and the pieces are in mp3 format, so no problem of compatibility with your device preferitti.

To give you an example, The last (and beautiful) album by Ben Harper in JUST 3 €!

Take a tour nell' corner of bargains .
And do not think that you are too "good" Italian music .. maybe will not be in the window, but just do a search and ..

Let me know your impressions in the meantime I'm going to dump me something :-)


Download this free music album of Teresia: When Was Not Rock'n'Roll Business

June 5, 2009 24:21 pm

A very interesting album of this Tiresias, played well and sang well (one of the rare cases of an Italian band that sings well in English).

To be continued ... "

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The week of interviews: Italians abroad in the IT industry

May 26, 2009 2:42 pm

What a strange coincidence .. just a few days after the interview that made ​​me his friend, Charles , I was contacted by the staff of AreaNetworking Blog to talk about Italians abroad in the IT industry.

Even two interviews in one week .. will be 15 minutes of celebrities who promised me Andy Warhol?

Here is the link, thanks again to AreaNetworkingBlog for the good initiative: AreaNetworking Blog »Italian abroad in the IT industry: Andrea Di Muzio .