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What is a podcast

I think that if you've come this far, you already know what a podcast. In case you've come here by accident, or because they are my friends and I had to save the link to the site, here is a brief explanation of what a podcast.

All information is taken from wikipedia .

Podcasting is a system that allows you to automatically download audio and video resources, called podcasts, using a program (a "client") called free aggregator or feeder.

A podcast is a digital recording audio or video can be downloaded automatically by a special program, made available on the Internet to anyone who subscribes to a regular delivery.

What is it and how it works

To receive a podcast you need:

* Support any internet-connected (a PC, for example)
* A special client program (often free)
* A local Internet provider podcasts (often free)

A podcast works like a subscription to a periodical publication, using a metaphor: the support connected to the Internet is the mailbox, the client is the postman, and the podcast provider is the publisher. The subscriber receives regular publications, and can hear them or see them in the ways and times that are more congenial.

To enjoy the podacsting you must first install a simple free software (eg iTunes, Juice or Doppler), then select the podcasts of interest. The software, with the frequency determined by the user connects to the Internet and check what files were published by the sites to which you have subscribed: if it is new, downloads them. The notification of the publication of new editions is via an RSS feed exchanged between the manufacturer's site and the user's program.

The podcasts can then be listened to at any time as the copy of the file, once downloaded automatically, it remains on the computer of the subscriber. In this way it is not necessary any active operation by the user. Moreover, unlike the online radio streaming, podcasts do not necessarily require an internet connection during the hearing, but only during the download: this allows you to enjoy the podcasts also off-line or in terms of mobility.

In practice, a podcast is like a radio or TV (in the case of video podcasts) available when you want it for free on the internet. You can download the episodes and listen / watch them when you want and where you want (mp3 player, PC, TV etc. etc.).

In addition to the famous iTunes, other free aggregators for Windows are:

Want to experience the thrill of listening to a podcast? Ok you can start by Nissardo :-) or listen to an episode in Italian that explains what podcasts are and how to use them: Episode 01 of Turtle Technology ( reference site ).

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Kittys wrote a comment on 10 November 2006

Hello Nissardo,
since you've been kind enough to link to my podcast in your website it seemed at least the minimum come to ask you a little visit and I must say that I really liked ...
A good make !!!
Now I try to download your podcast and ....
bye Bye

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